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Our team was lacking a well-thought out employee onboarding structure, which could make it difficult to set up new employees for success. We came to Beyond Benchmarks in hopes of tackling this problem, creating a clear process that provided information employees need while also holding us accountable in ensuring their success at Collective Alternative was achievable.

Working with Randy and Staci was great! They make you think of different perspectives, ask more questions and challenge your current process and way of thinking. This has helped us not only create our onboarding process and new employee manual, but also helped us become stronger and better for our team. Since creating our process and book, we have hired several new employees and they LOVE it. Training has been smooth and we feel like we are supporting employees the way they should be. It’s given us momentum to move forward with other processes and our entire team is excited to move forward on our next project with Beyond Benchmarks!

Kaitlyn Magiera, Collective Alternative