Cafe Redesign

Setting the Stage

A large healthcare system operates cafes at each of its hospitals as well as at several offices for visitors and team members. In 2016, two cafés were identified for focused improvement efforts.

Each café had different challenges. One was extremely crowded and difficult for customers to navigate. The other needed menu updates and layout changes to make it easier for the team to manage.

The Undertaking

Each café went through the following redesign process:

A3 Process: An A3 was used for the entire project, including preparation, implementation, and sustainment. The A3 process provides a structured approach to problem solving, ensuring that solutions have the desired impact. 

Cafe Redesign

Preparation: First, we determined project objectives and targets. Then we assembled a multidisciplinary team comprised of operations leaders, frontline team members, customers, and architecture support. Next, we collected data on transaction times, demand patterns, menu item demand, customer flow, team member flow, and customer feedback.

Workshop: We facilitated a four-day workshop with the multi-disciplinary team. The team evaluated previously-collected data and drilled into the root cause of various challenges. Ultimately, the team changed menu offerings and designed five different layouts and process flows, which were evaluated based on key factors, including flow, cost, growth, and efficiency.

Sustainment: To ensure sustainment, we presented three months of weekly reports to leadership that reflected the completion checklist status and key metrics.

The Benefits

To gauge the success of our redesign efforts, we conducted surveys as customers left the cafés. Both cafés received extremely positive customer feedback on the improvements. Revenue also increased approximately 10% for each café.

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