Some thoughts from our journey…

Too Many Metrics: What Do I Focus On?

One of the common themes we hear from leaders who are tasked with implementing the tactics of a strategic plan is that there are too many metrics on which to reasonably focus.  Even if the annual goals are tied to the short term and long term strategic plan (that’s good!)

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In metrics, the devil is in the details

Benchmarking can be useful when deciding where to start on a journey of improvement. For example, it is sometimes possible to gather exemplary practices and helpful methodology to apply to one’s own need for improvement from a personal development plan to a sophisticated manufacturing operation.It is important, however, to fully

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Using the new reality to drive improvement

What we do and how we do it has changed.  Some things may return to how we were doing them before the onset of the COVID-19 virus and many things may not.  Given that significant changes are now called for, the big question for all of us is, “Do we

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