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At Beyond Benchmarks, we believe that improving your organization starts at the bottom.

Our holistic, “in-the-weeds” approach allows us to immerse ourselves in your organization to gather data and understand workload, challenges and goals.

Together, we can then strategically plan and implement the right tactics to make improvements.


Our support starts with clearly defining the problem and scoping the activity. This is critical to successful problem solving.

We then guide you toward the best approach, which could include building a strategy, improving processes to save time, or improving your operational structure. This can be an iterative cycle, where time savings can drive staffing changes which ultimately improve the bottom line.

Leaders and their teams are engaged throughout the journey, which drives the highest quality solutions and long-term sustainment.

Team Engagement


Strategic Planning & Deployment

We won’t just give you a plan, we’ll work with you to carefully craft a plan that is unique to your organization and help manage the progress of its timeline and objectives so you can achieve your goals.

Process Improvement

We all want a better way to work. Let us dive deep into the problems your organization has, from administrative to front line, and work with your teams to implement the right processes that are productive and successful.

Capacity Modeling

Are you running out of space? Does your team feel like they are understaffed? We’ll look at your utilization and future plans to determine the right space and staffing to meet future needs.

Workforce Management

Finding the right staffing for the workload can seem impossible. We’ll listen to current challenges and use your data to match staff schedules to actual organization needs.

Operational Design

Could your facilities be better utilized? We’ll work to define the functions of your space which can enhance workflows.

Schedule Templates

We’ll use your data to craft schedules that meet your staff’s needs and provide a more streamlined customer experience.

Case Studies

A Structured Approach to Personal Development – Part 2: Leader Standard Work

Setting the Stage “There just isn’t enough time in the day.” How many times have we heard that sentiment from others or felt it ourselves in our work as leaders? As the pace of change and the type of work we do expands and evolves, we’re naturals at adding more to our plates, but often struggle to delegate or let go of tasks. Is there a rational way to continuously reallocate our time and make certain we’re doing the most important things at the right time? It’s essential to answer this question if we’re going to create enough “white space”

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Cafe Redesign

Two cafes with very different challenges followed the same problem solving process to appeal to their customers, improving customer satisfaction and revenue.

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A Structured Approach to Personal Development

As the pace of change continues to increase in all dimensions of our lives, so must our work processes and skills as leaders continue to grow and change. Why not take charge of how we work in order to not only keep up with change (reactive), but to drive our own work in the way that it makes us the best Leaders we can be (proactive)?

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